Rental agreement

1. Business Usage is Prohibited
Please use the room as place to stay. Don’t use it for business.

2. About the room
In order to maintain the cleanliness of the room and other problems, we may enter in the room with your permission.

3. Terms of use
You can stay in the room minimum 3 days.

4. Prohibitions
(1) In the case of major issues, customers will be evicted from the room, regardless of contract length.
(2) You can’t get refunds if you cancel the stay.

5 Prohibited acts.
(1) To manufacture or store weapons like a guns, swords or dangerous goods etc
(2) Installing heavy items like a huge safe box
(3) Cleaning liquids that may cause corrosion to the drain pipes
(4) To use TV, stereo etc, at the high volume, or playing music instruments too loudly etc.
(5) Pets of all descriptions are not allowed in the room
(6)Sharing the property with the office of antisocial forces and other organizations.
(7)If you lose the key you have to pay 7000 yen.
(8)If you use cigarettes or electronic cigarettes indoors, please pay 20,000 yen for deodorant costs.
(9)If you stay in the room after the checkout time and refusing to leave, you have to pay an extra charges of 5000 yen per hour.

6 You will be asked to compensate us for any damage to the facility’s interior items, equipment and supplies. If you refuse to compensate us, we will take legal action against you by a lawyer and charge you for the damages incurred. We may ask you to leave if your behavior disturbs other guests or interferes with the operation of the facility. In that case, we will charge you for any damages incurred.

I agree with the above.


1. 業務目的での使用禁止

2. 部屋について

3. 利用規約

4. 留意事項
 (1) 重大な問題が発生した場合、契約期間に関係なくご退去いただく可能性がございます。
 (2) お客様の都合によりキャンセルされた場合、払い戻しはいたしかねます。

5 禁止行為
 (1) 銃、剣、などの武器や危険物を製造または保管すること
 (2) 大型の金庫等、重量の大きな物品を設置すること
 (3) 排水管の腐食の原因となる液体を流すこと
 (4) テレビやステレオなどを大音量で使用する、また楽器を大音量で演奏すること。
 (5) いかなる種類のペットを飼育すること
 (6) 反社会的勢力や他の組織等と部屋を共有すること。
 (7) 鍵を紛失した場合、7,000円をお支払いいただきます。
 (8) 施設内で電子タバコを含み喫煙した場合、消臭費20,000円をお支払いただきます。
 (9) チェックアウト時間を超えた場合、1時間あたり5000円の追加料金がかかります。

6. 損害賠償